I'm the Hen Ferchetan. This is my take on the world through the eyes of Wales. While mostly about Welsh politics (that most famous of dour topics!) I try to scatter some humour around, but I doubt anyone but me will find it funny! Have a read, and if it bores you then feel free to never come back!

Sunday, 4 January 2009


As you'll have noticed, this blog has been neglected for a month or two now. As I mentioned in a few previous posts, personal life took away the Hen Ferchetan's time and I simply could not devote the time to post here regularly. A blog commenting on political news needs to be active every day or it's a pointless exercise so I put it on hold until the New Year.

Well the New Year has arrived, and my circumstances have changed again. Work commitments of the man of the house means that, for a short period at least, the Hen Ferchetan will not be living in Wales, or in the UK for that matter. So I'm afraid to say that the Hen Ferchetan won't be here for the European Elections and, depending on when Gordon dares go for it, may not be here for the next General Election. While I could still post snippets every now and then from my temporary home I won't be able to give the blog the time and attention it needs and deserves. I'm therefore signing off. While the usual bunch of anons will give their usual smile of glee at seeing another blogger depart, there's no doubt that the Hen Ferchetan will return - but not in 2009.

Have a great year, and I'll see you all in 2010. Hwyl fawr!