I'm the Hen Ferchetan. This is my take on the world through the eyes of Wales. While mostly about Welsh politics (that most famous of dour topics!) I try to scatter some humour around, but I doubt anyone but me will find it funny! Have a read, and if it bores you then feel free to never come back!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I'll Be Back!

A mixture of the Hen Ferchetan moving house, wasting the weekends watching the rugby and having several important pieces of work in urgent need of sorting out is at fault for the lack of postins recently!

Wait patiently until the Six Nations is over and I promise I'll be back!


Damon Lord said...

We look forward to your return!

Caribbean Welsh Bridge said...

Congrats for the great Blog!

Could you please place a short comment about the Segolene Royal affair at Harvard regarding her reported support for the independence of the US territory of Porto Rico?



If she can say this about Porto Rico, she may consider saying the same about Wales, right!?