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Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Religious Rebels

With the Six Nations gone for another 12 months and Hen Ferchetan comfortable in her new home it's time to discuss the world again. A lot has happened while I've been away, and much of it has passed me by for the simple fact that the only thng my brain has been concerned with is how is Lee Byrne suddenly a good player, why didn't we get Warren Gatland 3 years ago and how gutted must England be that Shaun Edwards works this side of the Severn!

The one big issue that's caught my attention recently is the Embryo debate going through Parliament. Our new first secretary has hinted that he will resign rather than vote for a bill he disagree with. Firstly, all kudos to Murphy if he does this, it's always refreshing to see a politician give up power to vote as he feels is right. Of course, he might not actually resign, the hint may well have been an attempt to force Brown into giving a free vote.

Current gossip seems to suggest that Brown will relent and allow Catholic Labour MP's to vote against this bill. This simply does not seem right to me. While I would always prefer MP's to vote as they fit and not as their masters see fit, as long as the system of whips continue it should apply to all matters. How is it right that an MP can vote with his conscious on the Embryo matter but not on top up fees? Are we now saying that religion is more important than education? And there I was thinking that there was supposed to be a separation between Church and State!


Anonymous said...

good to have you back, the Grand Slam was a treat :)

did you know that the same type of thing happened with Tony Blair over gay adoption, the Catholic Church cried foul and Blair gave them and the Church of England an excemption in the Bill.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Can't say I'm surised with Blair doing it, being a closet catholic at the time. The fact that Brown is also doing it shows that they're just scared of the religious lobbies, even if they are nothing more than a very loud minority.

At least it won't scupper the bill though, and I bet if the bill was going to be on a knife edge Brown would find that three line whip fast enough!

Southpaw Grammar said...


You will not find a more committed atheist myself, and one who 100% committed to establishing a wholly secular state apparatus. However...

My understanding is that your view of a secular state includes having secular elected representatives? That is a very crucial difference.

Your point on what each person sees as a moral issue is one i agree with, but we must also accept when it is a religious objection as well as other 'personal/moral' objections.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Southpaw - I have no problem with religious objections - just that they are not placed above any other kind of objection.

One MP's disgust at privitaising NHS or bringing in Top Up Fees should be equal to another MP's disgust at creating hybro-embryos.

What annoys me is the assumption that because it's a religious objection it should carry more weight than any other kind of objection.

Southpaw Grammar said...

"What annoys me is the assumption that because it's a religious objection it should carry more weight than any other kind of objection."

Too true.