I'm the Hen Ferchetan. This is my take on the world through the eyes of Wales. While mostly about Welsh politics (that most famous of dour topics!) I try to scatter some humour around, but I doubt anyone but me will find it funny! Have a read, and if it bores you then feel free to never come back!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Updated Blogroll

I've added a few names to the blogroll (it was woefully small!) - I only add blogs which i actually bother to read but if anyone has a suggestion of something I missed I'll go take a look.

The Blogs on the list now are:

0725 to Paddington, A Welsh View, Adam Price, Bethan Jenkins, Blog Menai (C), Blog Swyddogol (C), Ceredig, Cynical Dragon, Damon Lord, Glyn Davies (ex) AM, Guerrilla Welsh Fare, Hen Rech Flin, Luke Young, Miserable Old Fart, Miss Wagstaff, Normal Mouth, Ordovicius, Paul Flynn, Peter Black, Southpaw Grammar, Tiger Tales, Valleys Mam, Welsh Lobbyist

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