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Sunday, 29 June 2008

What's Up Doc?

First of all, a massive congratulations to the Doctor Who team in Cardiff. While debate rages on over whether David Tennant really has made his last Doctor Who appearance or not you have to be amazed at the fact that BBC Wales have managed to keep all this quiet.

When someone dies in Corrie, Eastenders or even Pobol y Cwm - everyone knows about it. Pictures of the crash/murder/fire (no-one dies of cancer in these places do they?!) will have been plastered over Hello and OK (or at least Golwg!) and the only question left for those watching the programme will be whodunnit?

If David Tennant's reign really is over then the amount of work the production team have gone to in announcing his new contract, having him on set while filming the Christmas special etc is astonishing. It would be a work of genius to be honest - catching everyone off guard in a major TV series is hard enough, doing so when people have been talking about Tennant leaving for at least a year is incredible.

On the other hand, if there is another twist to the tale in the final episode and Tennat is here to stay (and unlike Ordovicius and Peter Black I suspect there is such a twist, there must be a reason we keep seeing that old hand of the Doctor in the TARDIS) BBC Wales and Russel T Davies still have to be applauded for keeping everyone guessing.


Peter Black said...

As if to prove that there is an exception to every generalisation I think you will find that Alma Sedgwick died of cancer in Coronation Street.

I still have an open mind on the David Tennant issue by the way.

Hen Ferchetan said...

One cancer death in 48 years? Very much the exception that proves the rule!

Am getting more and more sure that Tennant will be around for a bit longer at least. Still incredible that they've managed to get evereyone from the casual viewer to the fanboys who live for spoilers questioning whether he's finished or not!

welsh lobbyist said...

Not just who the next Doctor, does anyone know who going to be the Doctor assistant, is Bille Piper coming back or is Catherine Tate staying?

Hen Ferchetan said...

tate is going, I think that's definate (She's going to be a big pivot in the final episode - all kinds of hint on her being "special").

No idea whether Billie Piper is coming back for good or just a one off, I'm guesing the latter.

My guess is same Doctor but new assistant.

(Ever the politician Peter, you lot sit on the fence even on Doctor Who! Fancy taking a guess?)