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Thursday, 5 June 2008

A British Day (or is that Days?)

London Immigration Minister Liam Byrne must have thought that he was giving a boost to Brown's ridiculous "Britsh Day" campaign by preparing to suggest to the Labour think-tank Progress that it should land on an existing bank holiday. In fact, he had a particular day already chosen:

"I myself have become convinced that the August Bank Holiday weekend - what some have called 'the great British weekend' - has the virtue of being in the summer, and already being a bank holiday,"

Byrne thinks that the idea of a British Day has "really caught on". (It will be interesting to see the result of a YouGov poll currently being carried out into opinions on the idea)

Unfortuantely for Byrne however, his plan hit a bump even before he made the planned speach. Without even bothering to hide their giggles, the SNP pointed out that the August Bank Holiday will be held on 25th August in Wales, England and NI......but on 5th August in Scotland. Hardly a celebration of our unity within the United Kingdom if Scotland "celebrates" it 20 days before the rest of us is it!

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