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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Another True Blue?

In a 3 minute interview on Dragon's Eye Tory AM Andrew R T Davies managed to mention that 10% of Welsh people wanted independence while 90% were "passionate Unionists" a total of FOUR times!

Was the interview about independence or about the referendum even? Nope, it was an interview about whether or not we should have events celebrating 40 years since Charles was investitured and whether there should be another pompous ceremony at Caernarfon Castle when William (maybe) becomes Prince of Wales.

Can anyone else spot the relevance of quoting independence figures because I surely can't! I'm sure David Davies and David Rees will be very proud of him though.

Update: Ordovicius has the transcript here


Anonymous said...

he was a real twerp
they should keep him in the cupboard

Anonymous said...

The importance of saying it was to undermine Nick Bourne's devolution stance. A mole for Jonathan Morgan!