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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Airbursh Nationalists

Burberry's favorite politician Leighton Andrews (also known as the ex-nashie-hater who didn't have Huw Lewis' guts to oppose the red-green coalition) notes that Plaid's (absolutely cringeworthy awful) Party Political Broadcast does not contain either Jill Evans or Adam Price.

Mr Andrews believes that this is because Plaid are embarrassed of the twosome following recent "outbursts". He's talking of course about Jill Evans' opposition to St Athan project (which I've discussed enough already) and Adam Price's comments that Plaid do not rule out a coalition with the Tories.

While it would be rude to point out that the Labour party's PPB did not contain Leighton Andrews (are they embarrassed of you too?) there is one obvious gap in his logic:

Plaid's PPB was first broadcasted on April 15th.
Adam Price made his comments on April 25th.


On a similar note, while PPB's have always been extremely dull, what on earth happened this year? Labour's PPB did not mention Labour, only the Lib Dems and Plaid's PPB was, well, I struggle to find the words. If we all thought Adam Price was a crap actor in that old PPB where he chatted to a cameraman, Ieuan Wyn and Elin Jones must surely have out-crapped him this time!

Note to Plaid Cymru: Politicians cannot act - Your politicians certainly cannot act - Stick to actors will you.


bored of politicians said...

talking about scraping the barrel, what sort of signal does it send out that Paul Murphy was fronting the Labour PPB last night.

Agree Plaid PPB was like a bad comedy sketch, ie not funny.

johnny foreigner said...

HF said....

"Note to Plaid Cymru: Politicians cannot act - Your politicians certainly cannot act - Stick to actors will you."

johnny says....

Absolute rubbish! Of course politicians can act. Well, successful ones can. It's just that Plaid's cringeworthy attempt at what I presume was meant to be humour, fell flat on it's face and just made them look stupid.

It's just that most of Plaid's politicians lack any personality or character. Their attempts at 'acting' have really just indicated to me their lack of political skills. In fact I'll go further. The majority of Welsh politicians of all parties are just dull and uninteresting party hacks. Hardly a character amongst them.

Many of our most successful politicians are and have been consummate actors and actresses. That's one of the secrets of their success.

I would suggest that finely honed acting skills are frequently an indicator of a politician's skill and ultimate success.

Ladeeez an' Gen'lmen, I offer for your delectation and delight, Mr. Tony Blair. An Oscar winner if ever I saw one. Somewhat successful, politically, as well.

Don't you remember the quote? "I'm a pretty straight up sort of guy".

An absolute scene stealer which will go down in history as one of his greatest performances.

I would suggest that a fair description of the majority of Welsh politicians would be grey, dull and uninteresting, despite the wearing of colourful scarves and ties. Please see my blog for further info regarding my thoughts on the desperate need of Wales.

Your pal.


Hen Ferchetan said...

Blair may well be a brilliant public speaker and an exemplary liar, but as the Blair Loves Brown 2005 PPB proved quite conclusively, he's no actor!


Acting is very different from presentation and public speaking, it's even very different from lying!