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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Double Standards

Following on from the "To Speak or Not to Speak" post, see if you can see the teeny weeny bit of hypocrisy in Lib Dem AM Peter Black's opinions here...

Plaid MEP speaks out against Plaid supported St Athan academy because she personally opposes

Peter Black verdict = "lack of discipline and inconsistency"

Lib Dem MP's resign from front bench and vote for Lib Dem opposed-European referendum because they want one

Peter Black verdict = "a proper and principled way to proceed"

Don't you just hate petty party politics?


Anonymous said...

Peter Black is good at petty party politics he is a Lib Dems after all they are masters at it, it would be nice if Peter became and ex-councillor tomorrow.

David said...

The difference is obvious.

The Lib Dems resigned from the front bench because they objected.

Jill Evans hasn't resigned from anything. She still holds a senior position.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Frontbench MP's are not allowed to speak out and vote against unles they resign and become backbench MP's.

Jill Evans isn't a (shadow) minister, she's an MEP without any ministerial responsibility in Brussels and therefore is not prevented from speaking out by collective ministerial responsibility (as the Lib Dems were).

If she was a minister then yes, she would have something to resign from, but she isn't.