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Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Another Award Winner

It looks like the Hen Ferchetan's favorite letter writer is back

Sign of the times

SIR – I have no wish to lower the tone of the debate occupying your letters pages, following my letter published on August 19 (which expressed my concern about the misapplication of scarce Welsh Assembly funds in the wasteful promotion of the Welsh language and the misuse of curricular time by the compulsory teaching of Welsh to a generation of teenagers who need more marketable skills to prepare them for employment) but this morning, I received through the post a computer-generated certificate stating that I had been nominated for “A**hole of the Year” for my services to Welsh.

Perhaps you will allow me, through your columns, to thank the sender for the award.

I cannot do it personally, because the sender signed X and gave no address – proof, if any were needed, that our Welsh education system is indeed failing.



Ok, who's the joker?!

NB - there's three stars after the "A" in "Arsehole" Mrs Roberts, unless you happen to be American!


kairdiff (West) Kid said...

Terrific isn't it? She writes this hate-filled bilge, accusing welsh of disfiguring public places, of being graffiti, of its speakers 'rasping' the language, and the WM gives her a platform. Then it helps turn her into a martyr!
I've noticed the WM publishign increasingly bigoted, even racist, attacks on Welsh, presumably to boost their dwindling circulation. But I can guarantee that if someone wrote like that about English, they'd have the Commission for Racial Equality on their backs, and the WM branding them racists.
Anyone noticed, moreover, how many of these letters are suddenly coming from Caerphilly?
I think the Labour trolls are getting their pens out, now that Plaid are in council and have selected their candidate.

arthur english said...

Come off it! It's just a bit of balance to the Mail's usual nationalist letters, many of which are from that clown in Dyfed.

All these letters simply provide the readers with a good laugh, whatever side of the fence they sit.

NB. They're not stars, they're asterisks.

Hen Ferchetan said...

The letters page of the Mule is just pathetic. They'll print anything from anyone. Be it Robyn lewis' daily sermon or Gwilym Levell's bile.

I remember on the day of the last Assembly elections every single letter printed was from a politician!

Let the Mule print this kind of rubbish - if only so that we can all smile at the thought of what's behind the asterix (pedantic sod!).