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Friday, 19 September 2008

Huw Lewis Leadership Tactics Part 2

After his recent decision to learn Welsh, Huw Lewis has now swung his leadership campaign into Phase 2. He is quoted as saying: “
There won’t be any turning back of the clock. The coalition government is here to stay until 2011 – nobody should be saying or doing anything that might undermine that.”
What has changed the mind of the man who lost his place in Government because of his opposition to the Labour-Plaid pact? Well he'll probably need the support of one or two of those 62% of members who voted for the One Wales and the 96% of Trade Union affiliates who also voted yes!

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Valleys Mam said...

he ay also be making sure he keeps his seat in Merthyr, he had quite a reduced majority last time and you never know with Merthyr they may well swing Lib Dem, five got in in the Local elections, from zero