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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

End of Days

When the Hen Ferchetan woke up this morning I was quite suprised to hear the radio telling me that the world would end at about 8.30am. Apparently one of the biggest machines in the world was about to be switched on and there was concerns that it would create a black hole and swallow the earth whole.

Codswallop of course and Dr Lyn Evans, the Welshman in charge of the Large Hadron Collider, expressed his dissapointment at the "science fiction" stories circulating. Of course the huge coverage in Today's press won't really do the Collider any harm and I'm sure that the team at CERN are quite pleased to find that their new toy is the hot topic of the day.

I'd go all technical and try and tell you what the LHC does but I don't really see any point, I'm sure you've all read Dan Brown's Angels and Demons already!

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