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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

So Influential We Forgot His Name

The Telegraph's list of Top 100 lefties has a new entry at 83 this year:


Leader, Plaid Cymru

It may be mere opportunism or the example of what the SNP has achieved but Plaid Cymru’s leader has turned on his coalition partners to good effect this year. His attacks on Labour for having lost its way ring true in a Wales that has benefited from devolution and Labour governments but often not as much as the Scots seem to have done. There have been as many false dawns for Welsh nationalism as there have been general elections since the Second World War, but maybe this time with Labour in meltdown and Jones in charge their time has finally come?

Ieuean? Still, I'm sure Ieuan will be happy enough to be higher than Neil Kinnock, Ken Livingstone and Martin McGuinness in a pointless list, even if he was below a Liberal-Left Blogger!


Anonymous said...

Influential? Nah, try Influential

Anonymous said...

.....or even Influencial.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Thanks for the correction, even if you did screw it up!