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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Panic Room

Here's a video that's just appeared on YouTube. Using the same footage that every "let's dub Hitler" uses (there's another one for Shane Williams leaving the Ospreys). It's totally incorrect in so many ways (for some reason doesn't mention the school re-organisation plan which turned so many in Gwynedd against Plaid Cymru and weirdly enough calls Llais Gwynedd by their defunct name of Llais y Bobol) and libelous in so many more (repeats the totally untrue rumours spreaded by Llais Gwynedd supporters that Dafydd Iwan and friends were getting free flats and backhanders from those building the Victoria Dock complex) and is a perfect example of the gutter politics I just lambasted in the last post but it's still very well put together and gave me a giggle or two! Enjoy!

Note: I found this video through Peter Black's blog. Peter posted the video and commented "This is hysterical. Those of a nervous disposition should not watch it, especially those who maybe offended by bad language". That post has now disappeared, not really a surprise considering the string of libelous comments in the video!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well done HF!

At least you had the courage to post about this very funny video.

Peter Black bottled it big time this evening. I think his blogging credentials took a big hit today by chickening-out on this. Typical Lib Dem!

So much for his judgement. He posts it then pulls it when pressured by people who were upset by it! Yellow is an appropriate colour for his party!

I think it shows that when push comes to shove, politicians should not get involved with blogging - particularly if they don't share your level of courage!