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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Best of Friends?

Gliding through the Welsh blog land (I hate the word blogosphere!) today I read a very interesting post by Mr Martin Eaglestone (the guy who lost his pen to Adam Price at the Plaid convention, remember?) concerning the ever protesting Tony Benn's visit to North Wales.

The ex-Labour candidate must be commended on blogging about an evening that could not have been too comfortable for him. According to Hen Ferchetan's secret spies (well...paying guests at his "Evening with... in Caernarfon") the government got a whole lot of kicking from Mr Benn.

Eaglestone acknowledges this, but claims that the Tories were abused more by the veteran politician. Not quite what I heard! Apparently Mr Benn considers Tony Blair to be the first Prime Minister he's ever met (and he's met them all since Chburchill) who's word he considered to be compleately untrustworthy. While Blair is obviously no longer our Prime Minister, Gordie hardly faired better.

Apparently the MP for the constituency next to where Mr Eaglestone keeps trying to get elected, Betty Williams, spent the whole evening tutting and moaning to her friend about the opinions Tony Benn was making very clear about his Labour collegues.

All in all I hear the evening was a great success, with Tony Benn proving to be very popular with the crowd. This may explain why Betty Williams was nice enough to put her disagreements and tutting away at the end and walk up to Benn, who was signing his books in front of a big crowd, give a big sloppy kiss to "Tony Darling", and say (very loudly) that she had to dash but would see him "back in London".

Seeing as how Betty had apparently talked to Benn at a private function earlier in the night I'm sure we should give her the benefit of the doubt and state that it must have been Tony Benn's old age that made him give a look like he was struggling to remember who she was!

(By the way, type "Betty Williams MP" into Google Images and on the third page of results you get this image - I make no comment!)

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