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Friday, 1 February 2008

Three Cheers For Me!

Well this is my 50th post, so I thought I'd give myself a clap. Yesterday was a big day for this blog, the first time that the majority of people came here directly instead of accidently landing here from another blog or a random google search (someone found this blog by searching for "urine pee", I didn't think my standards were that low!

I've survived longer than the two weeks I feared I'd last, and it seems that someone at least is actually bothering to read what I write.

Big thanks though to every blog who's linked to here, with special thanks to Miserable Old Fart, Normal Mouth who's welcome posts sent a whole lot of people this way. It seems that my posts now appear on the Welsh Political News (thanks for the tip Miss Wagstaff), which might explain the bigg surge in readers today, and the Welsh Blog Index has also helped by linking some of my posts.

There'll be no posts from me this weekend, if you need to ask why then you're clearly not Welsh (C'mon Cymru!).


Normal Mouth said...


If it's any consolation I get a handful of people visiting me each week looking for some ghastly sounding growths and illnesses to their mouths.

Miss Wagstaff said...


You can just imagine what some people hope for when they click on Miss Wagstaff ;)

WelshBlogIndex said...

Good work Amlwch. I'm glad I could help. Keep up the blogging.