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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Let's Go Kill Again!

Dave of the Tories has announced that under a Conservative Government there would be a free vote on Hunting. Apparently he thinks that having a law so often breached is "idiotic". I wonder where David Cameron was when Prif Copyn Richard Brunstrom was advocating the legalisation of drugs - now that's an often breached law if I ever saw one!

I also like the fact that the Countryside Alliance has (obviously) reacted with joy at Dave's announcement. Weren't they the ones complaining that debating the Hunting ban in 2005 was such a waste of parliamentary time? Surely if it was a waste of time to spend hours debating it's banning, isn't it a waste of time to spend hours debating it's legalisation?

Hunting is banned. Get over it.


Old Kent Road said...

Just a smidge off topic and as a help to an aged English incomer, please tell me: what's a 'Hen ferchetan'?

I've checked my Welsh Dictionary and I've sussed that Hen's got naht abaht to do with chickens. I think it means 'old'.

I'm afraid 'ferchetan's got me stumped though but I'll try. I suppose 'ferch' is one of them mutation thingys from 'merch' meaning girl and 'tan' means fire.

Does this mean that you are an old fire girl?

Please help the aged.

Hen Ferchetan said...

The Hen Ferchetan is the Old Spinstress. She's the character in a Welsh Folk song which, loosely translated, goes....

The old Spinstress has lost her lover
Find another one was her intention
But not one of the village's men
Wanted to marry little Lisa from the Hendre (farm name)

The Old Spinstress is still trying
Wearing silk lace and make up
But even though theres a person for everyone somewhere
There is nobody for little Lisa from the Hendre

The Old Spintress was nearly heartbroken
All of her ex-lovers are getting married
But there will be new potatoes on Apple Trees
Before little Lisa from the Hendre gets to marry

The Old Spinstress went to Bala Fair
Saw Sion Prys, a funny guy
Something he said as he left
Cheered up little Lisa from the Hendre

Glad to help!

Damon Lord said...

My Welsh not being up to much, I thought the same as Old Kent Road about your name. Hen = old, and merch combined with tan making fiery woman? Thanks for the clarification.

I think I'll learn Cornish instead. It is International Mother Tongue Day today, you know. My mother is an Anglophone, but she took me on holiday to Cornwall a few times when I was a kid.

Back on topic: they should never have wasted the time getting rid of hunting. With the hypothetical repeal of the hunting ban law, which was imposed on us all, valuable parliamentary time would be wisely used restoring traditional rights.

Hen Ferchetan said...

How was the hunting ban "imposed on us all" when every poll showed big public support for the ban and the majority of our elected MP's wanted it?

"Traditional rights"? Until 1990 it was legal in England and Wales for a man to rape his wife. The law saw the act of marriage as consent to sex any time, any place until death or divorce.

Some traditional rights we are better off without!

Old Kent Road said...

Thank you kindly for your explanation, Miss.
Maybe this originates from spinstresses spinning by the fire.

Anyhow, if ever I'm short of a couple of skeins of two-ply double knitting wool, I'll surely pass the business your way.

Thanks again. I do hope that your Sion Prys keeps the smile on your face.


I don't know abaht Cornish. I get enough trouble with the English.

On the topic of hunting, many years ago my pals and I used to hunt in Epping Forest for rabbits for the pot. No horses or dogs, just a forked stick and a bit of inner tube and a sharp eye for the Bailiff. We always was told to say a few words over the rabbits so that their souls went to Heaven.

I just don't see the point of chasing foxes on horses. Have you ever tasted fox? It's a bit stringy.

Lets bring back the Epping tradition of one against one and eating the spoils. Now that's sport.


Hen Ferchetan said...

Sorry, my command of English let me down a bit there.

Hen ferchetan is the old Spinster not Spinstress, i.e. the unmarried old lady, not necessarily a woman who spins material!