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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Super Duper Tuesday

Today is Super Tuesday, when more than half the American electorate get to cast their vote for either the Democratic or Republican candidate. John McCain seems likely to win the GOP's nomination tonight, but the Democratic party's election will probably rumble on for a while yet, even though today will have a big say in it.
A shock from the McCain camp came with a little family photo I found:

What the hell is an ugly sod like him doing with a quite hot daughter? And one with a Welsh name as well! (even if she does spell Meghan a bit funny!)

Americans are obsessed with celebrities, Oprah's support for Obama is seen as a massive boost to his campaign, people actually vote for him beause Oprah's told them to! I propose a change to the American electoral rules. Everyone picks their strongest celebrity backer, and they fight it out for the Presidency. Imagine the money for the TV rights! Who would win?

Clinton would be a no-hoper, her biggest celebrity backer is her husband, and he is not well known for fighting skills! McCain would be confident with the Govenor of California Mr Terminator on his side, but no-hoper evangelical Huckabee would hope to trump Arnie with the support of his celebrity backer, the legend that is Chuck Norris.

Obama might well emerge victorious however, as he has a secret weapon on his side, step forward the legendary Hulk Hogan!

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