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Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Curse of Lembit

French president Nicolas Sarkozy will sleep a little sounder tonight after Montgomeryshire's favorite son (for now) leapt to his defense among widespread disapproval of his marriage to a gorgeous model.

With the French media and opinion polls laying into the recently divorced leader, he must have thought he was all alone in this world. But thankfully Lembit Opik has reassured him, through radio 4's Today programme that having a beautiful partner does not dent political effectiveness.

Someone better warn Sarkozy of Lembit's history of supporting horses with broken legs (Charles Kennedy, Oaten, Peter Hain)

By the way, here is the new Mme Sarkozy

And the one day Mrs Opik (plus sister)

Yes Lembit, I'm sure you know exactly how Mr President feels having such an attractive partner!

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