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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

I Demand To Be From Gwent

A bizzare quote in the Western Mail today in an article about computer databses still not recognising the names of the "new" unitary authorities. I've seen the same thing myself, with online forms offering me South Glamorgan for Cardiff, and it is rather pathetic.

The quote in question comes from a David Jandrell from Cwmcarn in Caerphilly.

"Caerphilly is Cardiff, basically. You go over the mountain and there it is. People of my age were brought up in Monmouthshire and then Gwent."

He said he always listed his address as Cwmcarn, Crosskeys, Newport, Gwent but that he regularly got sent items addressed to Caerphilly – despite not using the county name on outgoing correspondence.

“It’s taking away my right to have a choice of what my address is. Sometimes when you speak to people [in offices] they ask you for your name, house number and postcode and then they tell you what your address is. I find that a bit presumptuous.”

A bit presumptuous? What? It's your address mate! We don't have a "right to have a choice of what my address is" - we choose our house name and the Royal Mail does the rest. Maybe I want to change my address to Hen Ferchetan, Amlwch To Magor House, Jamaica - but I haven;t done so because I doubt my mail would arrive!

The Counties changed in 1996 - 12 bloody years ago. Get a life David!

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