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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

And The New Minister is...

Alun Ffred Jones - surprise surprise!

The AM for Caernarfon has been confirmed as the new minister for Culture. Alun Ffred said that he is
determined to build on the strong foundations laid by Rhodri Glyn Thomas, and to deliver on the commitments set out in One Wales
and he hopes that he will
contribute to the objectives of this government of uniting our nation, spreading prosperity and building confidence in our ability to take good decisions in the
interest of Wales
Interestingly, Ieuan Wyn Jones stated that
We are fortunate that he bring such wide experience with him as well as his
commitment as our deputy group leader to delivering One Wales.
Have I missed something in the past or has Rhodri Glyn also stepped down as Plaid's deputy group leader then?

Anyway, congratulations to the new Minister and good luck to him in his first order of business - being protested at by the Welsh Language Society at the Eisteddfod (I assume!)

While we're on the subject of new additions, congratulations to the Celtic Crusaders Rugby league team who will be a Super League team from next season

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