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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Monumental Waste MEME

Both Valleys Mam and The Welsh Lobbyist have tagged me in the £200k waste not want not MEME. After a breach Google check to work out what a MEME even was (I am relatively new to this stuff remember!) I see that it's been started by Matt Wardman following Tom Harris MP's ascertain that David Davis' by-election was a monumental waste of money.

As the search for pointless wastes of £200,000 of our money has spread we've had Helicopters and Henry VII (Wardman), The Welsh Convention (Miss Wagstaff), The Aneurin Bevan NHS (Cynical Dragon), North Wales' consultants (Welsh Lobbyist) and Bed Blockers (Valleys Mam).
So here's mine:
£199,761 - cost of Monarchy to the people of Wales every 8 and a half days (including official cost, The Times' estimated security cost, Prince of Wales' unpaid tax and costs to local Councils to host Royal visits.)
I tag Damon Lord and O'Neill.


Damon Lord said...

Thanks for the tag; I'll try and respond soon, bit busy at the moment.

As for the cost of the Queen, as a monarchist I thoroughly disagree. Money well spent, in my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Can we claim it back?