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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Spot the Difference

New Labour's campaign in Glasgow East has received a timely boost with an IBM poll putting them 15 points up on the SNP. Even with some analysts casting doubt on the figures it's still good news for them. So what better way for Labour to protect this lead than to place their feet firmly in their mouths.

Here's an article that appeared on their candidate's blog recently:

It didn't take long for someone to point out that there was no way on earth that man was a 97 years old! What miracle anti-aging cream do they use in Glasgow East these days? The article states that he "doesn't look a day past 70" - well why should he, you see it turns out that Mr McGuiness, while also being a prominent Labour activist that got an MBE for his work, is just 67. Easy mistake to make right. Someone must have just turned the 6 upside down - no big deal. But the article states that Mr McGuiness fought in WWII - a true war hero supporting Labour. Now that's perfectly plausible for a 97 year old, but for a 67 year old? He'd have been 6 years old when WWII ended!

Guido ran the story and very soon the Labour machine had changed its website. Here's what it looks like now. As you can see Mr George McGuiness has been replaced by Mr John Hipson , and a new picture thrown in to boot.

The article is now headed "We owe it to John Hipson to vote...", Perhaps a more suitable headline would be "We owe it to John Hipson to remember who he is... "!

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