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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Bookies' Favorite

As I mentioned a few posts ago Gordon Brown is facing a by-election in Glasgow after the sitting Labur MP resigned due to ill health. Coming straight after Wendy Alexander stepped down it is a very inconvenient distraction. But after two sounding defeats in recent by-election (losing Crewe & Nantwich to th Tories and coming 5th in Henley) surely they can't lose Glasgow East. This constituency, created in 2005,is solid Labour. Just three years ago David Marshall won a 13.507 majority over the SNP, taking nearly 61% of the vote. If labour hold reasonably comfortably, as you'd expect with such a majority, then it would give Gordon a much needed boost.

Thing is, Labour are in a seriously big hole at the moment, and the way things have been going for Brown, and how Salmond is riding high these days, would you really bet against the SNP snatching Glasgow East? The bookies think not. Ladbrokes have the SNP as 8/13 favorites while Paddy Power puts them at an even shorter 4/7. Looking at odds like those the candidates for the top Labour job in Scotland must be asking themselves is it worth it!

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