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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Calling All Labourites

Ordovicius notes the demise of the Llanelli Journal. Coming swiftly after the end of Normal Mouth and Southpaw Grammar this now leaves us with no non-politician (or, in Martin Eaglestone's case, wannabe-politician) blog from the Welsh Labour side of the spectrum.

While Ordovicius, being a Plaid blogger, makes the point that the majority of regularly updated Welsh blogs are now from the nationalists it's not something anyone should be too happy with. We need blogs from all over the spectrum - neutral (or at least allegedly neutral), Labour, Nationalists, Tory and even the Lib Dems.

So if any Labourites out there have considered starting a blog but decided against it - now's your time!


Draig said...

Fair comment - but the flip side of the coin is that the mainstream media are inherently biased against Plaid and Welsh nationalism per se. The beauty of the internet is that it allows us to redress that state of affairs a little bit :-)

Hen Ferchetan said...

But surely even a Welsh nationalist needs someone to argue against? There's no point in having a blog world love-in where everyone agrees with each other!

Even the Labour politicians who blog are lightweight in terms of blogging visability. However hard Leighton Andrews or Huw Lewis, they don't have anything near the same blogosphere readership or respect as Glyn Davies and Peter Black, or even Bethan Jenkins and Adam Price.

The only Labour politican with what you can call a proper blog is Paul Flynn - but by the nature of his work (i.e. MP not AM) his blog comments more on the ins and outs of the UK government and not the One Wales government.

A non-politician Labourite blogger is essential to keeping the Welsh blogland thriving. There's nothing that goes stale faster than a love-in!

Anonymous said...

I agree that all points of view should be represented if possible, otherwise its only cheerleading for one side which gets boring, and although Plaid Cymru may have the largest number of blogs there are only two or three that are worth reading and offer something to the current debates, call me old fashioned but i go by quality not quantity.

Hen Ferchetan said...

call me old fashioned but i go by quality not quantity.

Then I'm glad you seem to be reading this one ;-)

Anonymous said...

I go along with anon 14.05. There are only three Plaid blogs that are any good, this one, guerrila Welsh fare and Borthlas.

Ordo posts dozens of stuff but its mainly things he 's nicked from elsewhere. Him and all the rest just tow the party line.

Draig said...

Hey - don't look at me anon 19.33 - I may be a Plaid member but I still have a mind of my own. Go to www.thebigwelshgasproject.blogspot.com for a critical look at the energy side of things. It's a bit specialised but it's an independent blog.

Do'nt disagree with the Hen ferchetan though, - I'm all for love, but there's nothing wrong with a little war to spice things up too sometimes ;-)