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Saturday, 2 August 2008

Capital Culture

Caravan cleaned - check. Gas cylinder filled - check. Awning pegs straightened - check. Rhaglen y Dydd studied and memorized - check. Milk cancelled - check. Sunglasses and wellingtons packed - check. 98% Vodka, Crystal and plastic glasses - check

It's that time of year again when 150,000 people pack up their bags, dust off the caravan or tent and head to whichever part of Wales is hosting the National Eisteddfod. Not one to miss out on a festival and an opportunity to lay back and do nothing for a week the Hen Ferchetan is dumping the laptop and racing to the capital.

By the way, look at how much the Eisteddfod has grown during the past decade or two. Not only do we now have the main field, the Maes, we have:
Maes B for the drunk young (and very young!),
Maes C for the older people in the Caravan park,
Maes D for learners......

Can anyone spot what's missing in this bastion of Welsh language culture?!

See you next week.


hafod said...

Maes CH for "chwydu" or "dosbarth canol chwydlyd"?

Hen Ferchetan said...

I think Maes B has the "chwydu" all wrapped up!