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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Most Anticipated Non-Story of the Summer?

I was going to do the obligatory post on the release of Assembly Member's allowances but to be honest with you, having given them a cursory glance, I can't see much worth talking about.

At first i was going to comment about the big gap between the Labour AM's average "additional" expense (£4,691) and the other parties (Tories: £7810, Plaid: £8.662, Libs: £9,220) but then I had a look at the individual figures for each AM and looked at the electoral map of Wales explained that one (additional expenses is for a second home, most Labour AM's live much closer to Cardiff than those of the other parties').

Then I thought about posting on Huw Lewis and Lynne Neagle's pre-emptive strike in the Western Mail this morning, when they promised to pay back the profits from their Cardiff home when they step down or are defeated. Yes the timing of it is the most see-through production since The Invisible Man, yes they haven't actually made the arrangements yet and it could be hot air, but it still is a good gesture that other AM's should take note of and Huw and Lynne should be applauded for.

So all that's left is to point out that Lesley Griffith AM (Lab) spent £2,000 on a sofa, Nick Ramsey AM (Con) £1,000 on a TV and Lynne Neagle AM (Lab) £400 on a pair of curtains. Have these people never heard of IKEA?

Edit: having looked at the examples in the Mule today it seems the Draig is right and Lynne and Huw's curtains actually costed £800, with Plaid Presiding Officer Lord Ellis-Thomas also spending £400 on curtains! As for sofas, while Lesley Griffith paid £2000, Angela Burns, Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Janet Ryder all found ones at less than half the price. Lib Dem Elanor Burnham gets the award for prudence however, she spent £44.79 in Argos and £4.08 in IKEA!


Draig said...

Hi there,

I felt the need to put up a correction regarding the Lewis/Neagle Curtain Bill.

It's actually £800 and that bill included the cost of fitting the curtain rails. They both paid £400 each!

Also noticed that Lynn Neagle has a very, shall we say, seasonal taste in duvets...

Hen Ferchetan said...

Cost of fitting the rails? How much does borrowing a dril and buying 8 screws and rawplugs cost? Or is Huw just the poorest of handymen!