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Monday, 18 August 2008

Loony Leanne

We all know Little Miss Protester Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru's eternal student AM. Miserable Old Fart notes this paragraph in a column of the "Weekly Worker"
Our fighting fund received help from an unexpected source this week - Plaid Cymru Welsh assembly member Leanne Wood donated a handy £25, which shows the breadth of the Weekly Worker’s appeal.
So Leanne donated £25 to a Communist paper - so what? We all know Leanne Wood is a bit nutty when it comes to that side of things, who cares right?

Well, Ieuan Wyn Jones for one should certainly care. The Weekly Worker is more than just a Communist paper, it's the paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain - an official political party.

What on earth is an elected member of one party doing giving money to the official mouthpiece of another party! Imagine the fuss if Peter Black or Huw Lewis was donating money to Y Ddraig Goch (Plaid's paper).

Will Leanne Wood explain herself to her party's members? Don't count on it.


Peter Black said...

We don't tend to be as stalinist as Plaid Cymru in telling our members what we can and cannot do. :-)

Hen Ferchetan said...

I would LOVE to hear what the rest of your party would say ito you if you gave money to Y Ddraig Goch!

Peter Black said...

Our media team have given up on me I think.

Valleys Mam said...

leanne has always nailed her socialist trots colours to the mast
I guess Plaid has a wide church fron left wing to right wing, thats the nature of the beast.
Does Plaid have an official paper?

Anonymous said...

Does Plaid have an official paper?

Of course they do. The Morning Star and The Weekly Worker.

Anonymous said...

"leanne has always nailed her socialist trots colours to the mast"

No she hasn't. I didn't know she was a communist supporter, much less a party donor. Nor, I guess, did many others.

Hen Ferchetan said...

VM - however far left Leanne's views go (and I'd always have labelled her as a socialist not a communist) there's a big difference between donating to an organisation with a similar view and donating to another political party.

Leanne Wood is an elected member of Plaid Cymru and she's apparently donating to The Communist Party - that just doesn't make sense.

They have two official papers, the Welsh one is Y Ddraig Goch and I don't remember what the English one is called. I think it's more of a free newsletter to members than a newspaper though.

Luther said...

Nasty little red scare developing here isn't there? Can we stop being shrill Macarthyites please?
What does it matter if she chucked the Weekly Worker a few poxy squid? Hardly anybody reads it, but it's a decent gossip rag for lefty political trainspotters if that's what floats your boat.

Guto said...

Luther - it's not the ideology of the paper that's the problem, it's the fact that it's the paper of a political party that is not the one she is a politican of.

Luther said...

Guto - I realise that's the general point being made, but calling Leanne Wood "Little Miss Protester" suggests to me this little 'scandal' story is more than somewhat idelogically motivated. To be fair, the comments here aren't as low-down red-baiting as those over on Alwyn Ap Huw's blog, though.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Luther - I've called Leanne Little Miss Protester a thousand times before, mostly over the Sikh bangle crap. It's a reference to her political tacticts more than her political ideology.