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Thursday, 28 August 2008

The State of Wales

A number of different stories in different papers today try and paint a picture of Wales.

Firs up is the revelation that Powys is the happiest district in the UK, beating Manchester and West Lothian to the top spot. Down the other end of the scale Cynon Valley & Rhondda takes the second least cheerful spot, with Swansea down in 5th. Apparently the only place less happy than Ann Clwyd and Leighton Andrews' stomping ground is Edinburgh. A load of codswallop of course. Who pays for this kind of research? How do they decide how happy I am? I'm great today but was a bit miffed yesterday, should they change the result?

Next in line is the revelation that we Welsh are the fattest around, yes even more so than the battered mars bar munching Scots. Only two areas in Wales are outside the High and Highest fatty range, and we've got none in the Low or Lowest range. The fattest in Wales, that would be the citizens of Welsh Secretary Paul Murphy's Torfaen where 13.9% are obese. Cardiff pips Swansea to the title of healthiest county with "just" 7.4% obese.

Finally the listeners of Classic FM have voted Katherine Jenkins the best classical female singer and Bryn Terfel the second best male classical singer behind Last Choir Standing judge Russel Watson. (That's Peter Hain and Alun Ffred Jones to continue the meaningless politician link!).

So Wales is the happiest, most depressed, fattest, least confident, best singing country in the UK. Now that's quite a CV for a day's news!


Nick said...

I'm surprised at Edinburgh's position, it has always struck me as a fantastic city.

Anonymous said...

You forgot that scam in the Sun where only one person in Merthyr applied for a non existent job and they sounded off about lazy sods in eth Valleys

Hen Ferchetan said...

I didn't hear about that VM - when was that? :-D