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Saturday, 30 August 2008

Let Others Speak

The Hen Ferchetan is being lazy today and instead of finding my own news I'll steal from others...

Ordovicius seems to have gone American on us with a series of posts on Obama and McCain so I'll skip on to someone else. Numerous blogs have commented on the end of Tory Dylan Jones-Evans' blog. Valleys Mam and The Cynical Dragon have gone all teary eyed while Welsh Ramblings is a little less kind in his goodbye. Personally I guess I fall a little closer to the Rambler in that I've never taken to Dylan's blog and, although based on hearsay and people moaning and no personal experience, to Dylan himself. Having said that it was an intelligent blog and losing any regular blog from the small world of Welsh politics is sad news so I'll join Valleys Mam in hoping he returns one day.

Brother Tecwyn directed me to this post on the Cambria Politico blog. Apparently a source has told the writer that Brown has a secret plan to kill off the FAW and WRU to promote a sense of Britishness. While Gordie's "Soccer Team GB" crap is annoying most of us, I can't quite see him getting rid of the FAW and the WRU and I certainly can't see how anyone would believe that closing down the WRU would make us more British, drunk Welsh fans would riot on the streets! A bizarre post to say the least, and I love the qualification of "believed to be a member of Gordon Brown’s Downing Street staff" - so in other words the source could be a crazy nut sleeping rough in Cathays?

Welsh Ramblings has also made a lot recently about Huw Lewis for First Minister. He believes that since Lewis topped his poll of possible First Ministers that means he's popular with Labour members because he's the man Plaid most fear. Since Welsh Ramblings is a Plaid supporting blog, and therefore a large proportion of it's readers will be Plaid supporters, doesn't the fact that Huw won the poll mean that he's the one Plaid wants most?

Talking of polls Cambria Politico's poll of best Welsh blog has, surprise surprise, Cambria Politico leading the way! Joint first is a "Miss Wagstaffe" - I'm guessing they mean Pippa!

Over at Miss Wagstaff Presents is this wonderful joke from the Western Mail:
There were two goldfish in a bowl. One said to the other: “How do you drive this thing then?”
So it's official, the Mule can't even copy and paste jokes from the internet without messing it up! (As Pippa notes, it's a bloody tank dumbasses!)

Miss Wagstaff also directs me to the comments on Iain Dale's Top 40 Welsh Blogs list where you'll find this wonderful exchange by someone called "londoner" and an anon
Being no 40 on a list of Welsh bloggers is quite a thing. To receive such an accolade is a bit like being singled out as the 40th most pro-democracy member of the Chinese politburo or the 40th most attractive check-out girl in the Croydon branch of Tesco! Respect.

Haha consider who is number 40 that's probably the most accurate thing ever written
The Cwrt seems to have died out before he even began - from the tone of his first few comments I can't really say that it's a huge loss to the blogosphere.

Oh and pretty much everyone have pissed themselves laughing at the story on Peter Hain being parachuted into the Assembly to take the top job!

And that's it. Next time I promise I'll stop being lazy and find a topic of my own to post about!


David said...

I wouldn't say I was teary eyed about DJE's blog going but I will miss it.

Despite Ramblings grumblings (he really needs a better argument than 'tory, tory, tory' DJE did provide a different perspective and intelligent comment. Surely we need more not less in the Welsh blogosphere whether we agree with their politics or not?

Hen Ferchetan said...

I wouldn't say I was teary eyed about DJE's blog going but I will miss it.

Call it my poetic licence ;-)

Surely we need more not less in the Welsh blogosphere whether we agree with their politics or not?

Alwyn ap Huw said...

I thought that Welsh Ramblings was a SHE

Hen Ferchetan said...

Is he/she? These things are so hard to guess/remember!

Valleys Mam said...

I enjoyed your run through fel free to do it any time
Teary Mam :>)

will said...

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