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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Sunday Stupids

Two weird stories spotted today. Firstly this one in a Labour party blog. I haven't seen the story anywhere else so all I can give is the Labour slant on it but it seems that a newly elected Plaid Cymru councillor has failed to return his acknowledgment of office back in time and that there will therefore be a second by-election in Pentyrch (a Tory councillor resigned and another one voted in to replace him). Anyone know more about this one? Is the Plaid councillor just plain stupid or is there another reason?

Secondly, after the Post Office agreed a review of the decision to close a Post Office in the Rhymney Valley, Plaid's Andrew Nutt has this wonderful quote from Caerphilly MP Wayne David trying to take the credit:

"This is the stark truth. I only wish the Nationalists would put in half as much effort into fighting for local services as they do in attacking Labour MPs"

Now, let's skip over the fact that Wayne David somehow manages to attack Plaid MP's and criticise them for attacking Labour MP's in the same sentence and remember one thing:

Wayne David voted for the closure of Post Offices, as government whip he actually pressurised others to vote to close Post Offices with him. The Plaid MP's voted against the closures.



Damon Lord said...

There's one way to find out about the Pentyrch story and call the Cardiff Council electoral office. They'll be able to confirm/deny.

Hen Ferchetan said...

It's Sunday and I'm lazy!

Nick said...

Jeff Canning was a councillor for the Creigiau ward of Pentyrch Community Council, and so it will not be the same electorate as has just voted in Pentyrch.