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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Aftermath Snippets

Just a few additional snippets from the aftermath of the elections.

Labour will regain power in Bridgend as they have done a deal with two independents. The previous "Everyone but Labour" coalition is therefore out and this has to be chalked up as a Labour success. I'm sure however that Labour is still gutted it didn't get the additional seat it needed for an outright majority, that would have given them much-needed good press.

Plaid are apparently confident of running Gwynedd, Carmarthenshire and Caerphilly. They are easily the largest party in Gwynedd and Carmarthenshire, and obtaining power in the latter would be a big coup for them. They are level with Labour in Caerphilly and although I personally don't know who 8 of the 9 power-wielding independents are, Plaid seem confident that at least 5 will support them. In case you are wondering, the 1 independent I do know a bit about, and you will too, is none other than Ron Davies, the father of devolution. His wife was also elected as a Plaid councillor. What price Ron Davies working with Plaid against Labour?

Just in case Gordon Brown isn't depressed enough to have been trounced by the Tories in England he will this morning learn that a new poll in Scotland puts SNP support at it's highest ever point of 45%.

Finally, Plaid members are pointing out that they have a majority of Council seats within the Cardiff West constituency. I'm sure that will go down well with the sitting Assembly member for Cardiff West (A little-known AM called First Minister Rhodri Morgan!)

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