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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Question Time Cardiff

Question Time tonight (11pm BB1 Wales, 10.35pm BB1EverywhereElse) is from the Armadillo down the Bay. Helen Mary Jones is the token Welsh politician, flanked by London Health Secretary Alan Johnson, Tory shadow minister for business (and sometimes Have I Got News For You wannabe comedian) Alan Duncan, Cherie Blair's sister and one of the ex-Dragons Den millionaires Simon Woodroffe.

If you're sad enough to be getting drunk while watching a politicial talk programme, here's a drinking game for you...

- 2 fingers every time the Tory mentions 10p tax
- 2 fingers every time Helen Mary brags about the Plaid-LD deal in Cardiff
- 2 fingers every time Alan Johnson discusses London's health policy even though it has no impact on Cardiff
- 2 fingers every time Lauren Booth tries to explain how different she is from her sister
- 2 fingers each time rich boy Woodroffe mentions his time on Dragons Den or Yo! Sushi

- And finally - Down your whole drink on the obligatory question on whether or not the panel will be supporting cardiff City on Saturday.

Update: The Tory mentioned the tax often enough to get you very drunk, Woodroffe managed to fit in Yo! Sushi into his first answer and you would have had to down the drink as the Cardiff City question came along (what a surprise!)

Apparently, according to Dimbelby, Question Time cannot spend a single second discussing Welsh Assembly matters in their Cardiff programme because people outside Wales won't understand it but it can devote a whole question to over-testing of young kids. We had to depend on the audience to point out that there are much less tests in Wales (no Primary school sats)

I also love how poor the Lib Dem stooge who asked the Welsh Assembly question was at hiding the fact that he was a stooge!


Anonymous said...

does two fingers up to david dimblebum count for anything,may be a few gins:>)

Hen Ferchetan said...

two fingers to DD deserves a whole bottle VM!