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Monday, 12 May 2008

By-Election Fears

We are closing in on the Crewe and Nantwich by-election where ex-Am Tamsin Dunwoody is standing for Labour in her late mother's seat. Polling indicate that Labour's 7,000 plus majority will be overturned by the Tories. Incredibly the Tories have not gained a seat in a by-election since Mitcham and Morden in 1983 - that's 25 whole years!

Thee have not won a previously Labour seat in a by-election since Ilford North in 1978 - a whole three decades ago!

I see more "worst week ever ever for Brown - honestly now" headlines on the horizon (copyright of the Daily Mail, Daily telegraph, Independent, Guardian, Daily Express, Sun, Mirror, Western Mail, Daily Post and the Tivy-Side Advertiser!)


Peter Black said...

Wasnt Mitcham and Morden a Labour seat, albeit that its sitting MP was defending it in the by-election as SDP?

Hen Ferchetan said...

Yes thats right, he switched to the SDP and then resigned his seat so that the voters could have a choice whether they wanted him as an SDP or whether they wanted Labour (fair play to him, no-one else did that). They chose neither!

Not including M&M as a Tory gain from Labour is technically correct, even though it had been last won by Labour. (and it makes the story that much better to go back 30 years instead of 25 years!)