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Friday, 9 May 2008

Late Lib

Mike German has announec that he will step down as Lib Dem leader in October this year. You'd have imagined that such an announcement would have been music to the years of some of the other Liberal AM's (i.e. Peter Black and Kirsty Williams). The leadership election that never was last year can now begin for real.

Peter Black however seems to be fuming. He wants his shot at the top now, not in 6 months time. Peter believes that Mike German had promised to step down straight after the local elections and indicates that the Assembly Group were at best unhappy with the October date.

And, to be fair to Peter, this is true. In October 2007 Mike German said that he would step down

as soon as seems sensible and practicable (after the local elections)

Ah well Peter, it's only a few more months. Don't you remember the Guinness ads? All that about good things come to those who wait. Just 6 months from now you'll finally be able to enjoy the moment that Kirsty becomes the new Welsh Lib Dem leader.


Peter Black said...

I am not a candidate for leader.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Fair enough. But no-one is at the moment. Will you be one in october? If not then I'll happily correct the post.