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Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Anyone Speak German?

First a post about France, now about Germany - I'm getting world-wise!

In a pathetically vain exercise I typed the name of this blog into Google Blog Search (I know I know, how sad!) and found this paragraph from a German Blog

Das würde den Seperatisten Tür und Tor öffnen und die Chancen wären gar nicht so schlecht das ihr Vorhaben gelingt (siehe auch AMLWCH TO MAGOR). Aber der Vorschlag kam nun einmal nicht von Gordon Brown selbst, denn der zusammen mit den anderen große Parteien eine Kommission eingesetzt, welche das Referendum unterlaufen soll, indem es weitergehende Autonomie an den nördlichen Landesteil zugesteht.

The only things I understand there are Seperatism, Autonomous, Referendum and Gordon Brown, so i assume it's talking about the Wendy-Gordon hoo-ha. Intertran is (obviously) no help - Any German speakers out there?


maphry said...

So, because it's me who is responsible for this mess, I'd done a quick-translation of this blog-entry (so sorry for the quality):

United Kingdom unites only in disunity

First the defeat at the Regional Elections and now this. Gordan Brown, the successor of Tony Blair looks like a fool thanks to his collegues in his party, because the leader of his party in the scottish part of country, Wendy Alexander, wants that the Scottish minority government under Alex Salmonds' SNP don't wait with their Independence referendum until 2010, but do it asap. What looks so harmless here, might lead to a division of the UK.

Because tactically bringing forward of the referendum would be not a bad solution for the PM, because he is a unionist, and the referendum would likly fail at the moment (also because of his scottish roots). In opposite to this SNP hopes on a election win of the Conservatives, at latest 2010, because their preferableness of England contrary to the Union outcrops more and more, also because their chances would rise to stay there in power for some time. This would open the doors for seperatists and the chances won't be so bad that their plan succed (see also AMLWCH TO MAGOR).

But this proposal haven't come from Gordan Brown himself, because he have set in, together with the other big partys an comission, which should blight the referendum by giving more autonomy to the north region. And so he got a lot of trouble and gut much to explain (see PMQ from last wendnesday), which weaken more and more his position. The Opposition feels acknowledged, that he ist not a person of leadership and is even not able to controle his own party, what plays them into their hands. And so Labour lose more and more ground, and the SNP approaches their whish for an independent Scotland.

So, I think your analysis was great and so good luck for the future.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Much appreciated maphry - your translation is a thousand million times better than Intertran ;-)