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Monday, 5 May 2008

This Could Get Interesting

When your party receives a mid-term drubbing in the polling stationthe most important thing to do is not panic and go do something that could make things much worse. You should sit back, take a deep breath and try and work out what went wrong and how to remedy it.

Somebody forgot to tell Wendy Alexander, leader of the Scottish Labour Party.

Even though not one Scottish voter cast judgement on May 1st the results in Wales and England, along with the surge in support for the SNP I've previously discussed, ha put Wendy into panic mode. Fellow Labour MSP's knew nothing about her decision to announce in a BBC interview that Scottish Labour would support a referendum on independence. This is a complete u-turn from the party's previous position and means that between the SNP and Labour there is enough Holyrood votes to make the referendum a reality.

This WILL be interesting!

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