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Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The Big Match

The final score from the big match today and yesterday is Science 2 -0 Religion. MP's have voted in favour of allowing human-animal embryos and have voted against making it harder to get an abortion by changing the time limits. Good for them I say.

In other voting news, Dustin the Irish Turkey has failed to make it into the Eurovision Song Contest Final. He was knocked out in yesterday's first semi final by some of Europe's voters (only half the countries could vote, the other half, including UK vote on tomorrow's semi). The winners were Azerbaijan, Armenia, Greece, Romania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Finland, Russia, Israel, Poland and Norway. I only saw a glimpse of the programme, enough to know that Armenia's contestant was worth watching, if not worth listening to, while Azerbaijan's entry was just plain scary!

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Anonymous said...

I think the Irish got it right not getting through to the final, at least they are no going to be humiliated like the UK, billy no mates again : )