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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Beware Fruit Salad Bearing Scouts

Apparently it is not enough for the modern Scout to be able to tie a knot and build a fire, the Scout Association is introducing a whole host of new badges for their eager Beavers to aim for. Being able to whip up a cracking fruit salad will get you your badge in Healthy Eating while also included in the new list is Imagination, Creative Arts and, most bizzarely of all, Public Relations.

Now I've never been a scout myself, but don't those three sound a little bit like awards for the kids who have failed miserably in reading a map? "Don't worry kiddo, yes you'd get lost in a 24 hour Spar, but that's just because you get lost in your own imagination - have a badge!". Creative Arts and Public Relations are barely rocket science either. Don't worry though, there's also a new badge for Astronautics - now that actually IS rocket cience!

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