I'm the Hen Ferchetan. This is my take on the world through the eyes of Wales. While mostly about Welsh politics (that most famous of dour topics!) I try to scatter some humour around, but I doubt anyone but me will find it funny! Have a read, and if it bores you then feel free to never come back!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

So Close Now!

Wales team to thrash England:

WALES: Lee Byrne; Shane Williams, Sonny Parker, Gavin Henson, Mark Jones; James Hook, Mike Phillips; Duncan Jones, Huw Bennett, Adam Jones, Ian Gough, Alun-Wyn Jones, Jonathan Thomas, Martyn Williams, Ryan Jones ©.
REPLACEMENTS: Matthew Rees, Gethin Jenkins, Ian Evans, Alix Popham, Gareth Cooper, Stephen Jones, Tom Shanklin

Guess we'll all be osprey fans on Saturday!


Miss Wagstaff said...

Excellent start to the world of blogging. You'll have to slow down or you'll burn out soon :)

Seriously, you should ask to be added to 'Welsh Political News' in order to increase your readership. There's a link on my blog under the 'Resources' heading.

Keep up the good work.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Thanks Miss, I've asked Welsh Political News very very nicely!