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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Henson Gets The All Clear

So Gavin Henson won't be charged by Police for what the Western Mail, in their usual subtle manner, described as his "Drunken Train Shame". Hardly a suprise, the evidence against him never really stood up - one witness said

"One of the blokes nearest the window wanted to go to the toilet and was told just pee there and then. He went to pee on the floor and had a bottle ready to do so"

Well make your mind up man! Did he piss on the floor or did he have a bottle handy? Anyone who's been on a Wales rugby trip can tell you that carrying an empty milk bottle for bladder relief is standard practice. If pissing into a bottle was a criminal offence then the only people watching Wales in Dublin this year will be those bloody kids with the annoying horns- every other fan would be sitting in a jail cell!

The question Henson really needs to be asked is this. How unlucky the poor sod must be to obtain a mysterious hand injury just before he was due to play a drinking game where he got to punch whoever lost in the face!

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