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Saturday, 19 January 2008

Obama Wins Vital Votes

The Western Mail have exclusively revealed that if Cardiff Bay was accepted as the 51st state of America, Obama would get a few more delegates for the Democratic Convention!

Apparently the vast majority of AM's surveyed would vote for Obama. Labour's Rosemary Butler, Alun Davies, Irene James and Val Lloyd would go for Hillary, while Tory Andrew Davies is the only Republican fan in the Senedd.

Liberal Democrats Peter Black, Eleanor Burnham and Jenny Randerson seems to have gotten the Democratic nomination confused with the Liberal Democrats leadership mess, none of the three were able to pick a candidate to lead!


Damon Lord said...

Peter Black AM seems to be torn between Kucinich and Obama.

"My top pick should be Dennis Kucinich but of those with a realistic chance then it seems Barack Obama is my man."


Peter Black said...

That was the outcome of a questionaire based on the policy positions of the candidates which I reported on my blog. It was a bit of fun and nothing more. The only connection between the Democrat selection process and the Welsh Liberal Democrat leadership is that I do not have to cast a vote in either. The first because I am not eligible, the second because there is no election. My preference is for a Democrat presidency, frankly I am not bothered who that will be.

Hen Ferchetan said...

No need to come in with a big defence Peter, as you said it was a bit of fun and nothing more!

The funniest part of the article was that the Western mail actually did the poll, not what anyone's answer was!

Damon Lord said...

Methinks the AM doth protest too much....

nobby solano said...

And talking of Liberal Democrats... Surely it can't be true about Eleanor Burnham and John Marek? Surely?!
With a campaign manager of his standing, she must be a cert for the Lib Dem leadership now