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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

More Pain for Hain

Hen Ferchetan has found damning evidence of further crimes committed by Mr Permatan himself. Even though his money mischiefs seem likely to end up as a police investigation, Hain is determined to build up the best (criminal) record he can. Here he is blatently ignoring the law on using a mobile while driving (fine, it's a bike, but who cares, still a funy photograph).

What happened? Did he try to copy Chamelion Dave in riding on his bike to work each day? Did he get lost? Who is he asking for directions?

What makes the photograph so great is that it is one of the most obvious set up of a photo I've ever seen. Are we really to believe that a photographer just happened to come across the Welsh Secretary working hard on his mobile, on a bike, in a forest, in a bloody suit!

The Guardian's leader is calling for Hain's head this morning while the Daily Express don't even come close to holding back . (Loving the Express' oh-so modest tagline "The World's Greatest Newspaper" - bollocks is it!). I did think Hain would survive until the investigations report back or Gordie has a reshuffle - now I'm not so sure. Betsan's odds of 11-8 on him going looks more and more attractive.

When the time comes for Hain to explain himself in front of the Electoral Commission, I'd suggest he takes this photo along as proof that he was working so hard he couldn't even go mountain biking in a suit without stopping to answer calls, let alone fill in a 7 page donations declaration form!

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