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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Permatan's Achievments

Back to my favorite subject of the Day, Mr Permatan himself. The clouds seem to be gathering darker and darker, so let's have a quick round up of his charge sheet:

1. Failed to disclose over a £100k worth of donations (more than half his total donations). Only did reveal them after the Labour donation scandals came to light.

2. To not even register donations he got from his own campaign manager, how do you forget that!

3. Took longer to find these 17 or so donations than it takes a top 100 company to make its annual accounts!

4. Took money from some obscure think tank that no-one has ever heard of, who don't have a website, who have never done any thinking or tanking and who were set up just in time for Hain's leadership bid.

5. To receive money from that think tank which came from people unaware that their money were going to Peter Hain.

6. To accept money from a man he knew to have once been in charge of a big drugs company which is currently being tried for a massive defrauding of the NHS to the tune of millions (the alleged fraud occurred on this guy's watch)

I still can't see Hain as a brazen criminal, but the level of incompetence there is pretty staggering. How does he still have a job?

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