I'm the Hen Ferchetan. This is my take on the world through the eyes of Wales. While mostly about Welsh politics (that most famous of dour topics!) I try to scatter some humour around, but I doubt anyone but me will find it funny! Have a read, and if it bores you then feel free to never come back!

Saturday, 12 January 2008


Welcome to Amlwch to Magor. If you wish to know the significance of the name of this blog, go dig out that AA Road Atlas you haven't looked at since TomTom came along - to narrow your search a bit I'll give you a hint - ignore the pages on England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I'm Yr Hen Ferchetan. Please, no jokes about losing my lover, it remains a sore discussion point for a single gal, and it doesn't help to have a jolly song written about the moment your heart got ripped out of your chest!

Now I cannot imagine what you could possible have typed into Google to reach here, but if you were looking for the next tea evening in Magor, the latest crime figures for Amlwch or a good deal on satellite navigation equipment I suggest you look elsewhere.

This blog, if it survives more than the two weeks or so most blog survive for, is mainly about politics, mainly Welsh politics. Whether I'll be bothered enough and interesting enough to maintain a blog on that for any length of time is anyone's guess. So please, have a good read. If, to my eternal surprise, you find it interesting, then feel free to comment. If you find it more boring than a combination of the Daily Mail and Daily Post then feel free to bugger off and never return!


Alwyn ap Huw said...

Croeso Hen Ferchetan, I shall look forward eagerly to reading your posts.

Hen Ferchetan said...

Thanks Alwyn!

Damon Lord said...

Welcome, and I'll add a link. :)