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Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Wonders of Welsh

Just a quick lesson for any of the 6 or so people reading this blog who lives outside Wales about the wonders of the Welsh language. It is unique in the languages of this world.

If you suddenly felt the urge to learn French, Italian, Mandarin or Yoruba (the 49th most spoken language in the world!) you'd find a teacher, buy some textbooks or pay £200 or so on a set of Pimsleur tapes. Welsh cannot be learnt this way. Welsh cannot be taught in a classroom with a teacher, Welsh cannot be learnt by reading books or listening to tapes.

Don't believe me? I can prove it. Try using the very useful website Googlefight. All it does is comparte two phraes and see which one comes up most often on the net.

Welsh taught in classroom = 97,500
Welsh forced down throat = 551,000

Seems the letters page of the Western Mail and the ramblings of English-speaking Welsh on internet forums are telling the truth, the only way to learn Welsh is through the ingestion of a rather large pill -forced down your throat!


Andywhere said...

Have u try the online bookstore

I get all my textbooks for this semester from this bookstore. All are brand new and 60%off discount from normal price. See if any help.

hehe ^_^

Hen Ferchetan said...

Don't seem to be any Welsh Learning Pills on sale there, have to find them somewhere else if I want to keep on forcing them down people's throats!