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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Ringing Endorsment

A wonderful post by Dylan Jones-Evans today where he thanks Hain for quoting him in his own defence....

"She should applaud the statement that, 'the business sector in Wales seems to be going from strength to strength.' It was made by Professor Dylan Jones-Evans, the director of the national entrepreneurship observatory for Wales and Conservative candidate for Clwyd West in last year’s Assembly elections"
As the ex-candidate for Aberconwy points out, he never stood in Clwyd West! The best part though, is how Hain conviniently left out the rest of the article containing that quote:

"We have seen economic statistics which have yet again cemented our position at the bottom of the prosperity league table. Only two weeks ago, we found out that Wales now has its lowest ever prosperity level, at 77% of the UK average.“This dire economic statistic is compounded by the fact that we have the lowest mean gross weekly earnings for full-time adults in the UK and that the gap with the UK is growing"

Hardly ringing endorsment of Mr Permatan is it?!

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