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Monday, 21 January 2008

Money Thoughts

Two questions regarding the whole Peter Hain mess,
Firstly, what happened to this story. Surely if it's true that two people who's money was given to Hain by the no thinking and tankless thinktank did not know about it until Hain reported to the Electoral Commission months later then that should be as big a disgrace as all of the other things he's done (or, more to the point, not done) .
The fact that both men later said they didn't mind the money going to Mr Permatan changes nothing, it was way too late, you're supposed to ask someone before you take their money.
Anyway, I suspect that I must be missing something here, has this BBC story been discredited since it was published? Have the two men said that actually, they were informed? Please let me know!
The second point is just something that's been bothering me regarding the whole donations saga we've had for the past 3months or so:
Hain's Deputy Leader Campaign Expenditure : £200,000
Welsh labour Assembly Campaign Expenditure: £254,447
How the hell is an internal party election worth nearly as much as the National Assembly elections?

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